Admission Master

The total number of admissions for the university year 2022 – 2023:

– 150 financed (budget) places

– 15 fee (tax) places

The master programs accredited in the field ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING are:

  • Power Electronics and Intelligent Drive Systems – taught in Romanian language (Electronică de putere şi acṭionări electrice inteligente – EPA)
  • Electrical Engineering and Applied Informatics – taught in Romanian language (Inginerie electrică şi informatică aplicată – IEIA)
  • Products and Services Engineering in Electrical Engineering – taught in Romanian language (Ingineria produselor şi serviciilor în electrotehnică – IPSE)
  • Advanced Electrical Systems – taught in Romanian language (Sisteme electrice avansate – SEA)
  • Intelligent Systems of Instrumentation and Measurements – taught in Romanian language (Sisteme inteligente de instrumentaţie şi măsurare – SIIM)
  • Integrated Electrical Systems Engineering in Vehicles – taught in English language (Ingineria sistemelor electrice integrate în autovehicule – ISEIA)

More details about the master programs:

– Study plan (Curriculum)

– Only for the master program taught in English language:

Master Guide

Detailed information about the admission process: