Doctoral Admission

The Doctoral School of Electrical Engineering is associated to the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, whose history begins with the establishment, in 1913, of the School of Electricians, which later became the Faculty of Electrotechnical Institute of the University of Bucharest. By the decree law promulgated in 1920 by King Ferdinand, the Polytechnic School of Bucharest is established, with 4 sections, one of which being Electromechanics. By reorganizing the Polytechnic School as the Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest, as a result of the Education Reforms of 1948, Electromechanics becomes the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. From the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, the faculties of Electronics, Automation and Energy are gradually detached, as the engineering domain and its supporting industries increase and diversify. The Faculty of Electrotechnics became the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FEE), in 2006, to properly illustrate the wide spectrum of student training within the Bachelor-Master-Doctorate EE study cycle. FIE is a founding member of the Romanian Consortium of Faculties of Electrical Engineering (RCFEE) – a national academic network for all 17 faculties with electrical profile.


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