Dean Message

Welcome to the website of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering!

Continuing a prestigious intellectual tradition of more than a century, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering is one of the most important institutions of higher education in Romania.

Engineering has the power to transform lives, that’s why I became an engineer and that’s why our students are eager to receive an education in the field of electrical engineering (the motto of the faculty is “the future is electrical”). The Faculty of Electrical Engineering provides its students with the knowledge and skills necessary for a successful career in engineering, as well as the capacity for continuous self-improvement. This is possible through 5 undergraduate study programs (“Power Electronics and Electrical Drives – EA”, “Applied Informatics in Electrical Engineering – IA”, “Instrumentation and Data Acquisition – ID”, “Electrical Systems – SE”, “Economic Engineering in Electrical, Electronic and Energetic field – IE”) – taught in Romanian language and one program (“Electrical Engineering and Computers – IEC”) – taught in English, 5 master’s programs (“Power Electronics and Intelligent Electric Drives – EPA”, “Electrical and Applied Computer Engineering – IEIA”, “Engineering of products and services in electrical engineering – IPSE”, “Advanced electrical systems – SEA”, “Intelligent instrumentation and measurement systems – SIIM”, taught in Romanian language and one master program (“Integrated Electrical Systems Engineering in Vehicles – ISEIA”) taught in English, and a doctoral school, with professors with national and international reputation who, beyond an intense research activity, have been and are part of the relevant national and European structures and organizations in the field of electrical engineering.

All the programs have been designed with a blend of theory, practice, research, and industry-based projects. Your degree will contain the right mixt of theory and practice and with a degree from Faculty of Electrical Engineering, you will be recognized and sought after by employers here and around the world.

If you are looking for a compelling and rewarding career in the increasingly high-tech world of the 21-st century, engineering is the correct option and Faculty of Electrical Engineering is the right place to be.

We look forward to welcoming you!